Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Lehnertz, Dipl. Phys.

Section Chief-Editor for Frontiers in Network Physiology: Networks in the Brain System

Dr. rer. nat. Thorsten Rings, M. Sc.
Timo Bröhl, M. Sc.
Manuel Adams, B. Sc.

Head of the group

Post-docs and PhD candidates

B.Sc. and M.Sc. Students

Manuel Lourenço, B. Sc.
Max Potrazki, B. Sc.



Prof. Dr. M. Reza Rahimi Tabar
Dr. Chittaranjan Hens, PhD., Assist. Prof.


Selected Research topics:

  • Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Complex Networks

  • Synchronization

  • Network Theory

  • Chaos Theory

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Stochastic Processes

  • Epilepsy


  • Brain Connectivity

  • Functional Connectivity

  • Brain Dynamics

  • Network physiology

  • Neurophysiology